Lavar & Thora Munson Family

Lavar & Thora Munson Family

JL Munson Family

JL Munson Family

Sunday, August 1, 2010

The pics....enjoy!

It's Over....THE END!!

After over a year of planning...The reunion is over.

While it is somewhat of a relief, it is also sad that we will not see some of you for another 2 years.

To ALL of you who came, supported, cooked, ate, cleaned, sacrificed, loved, laughed, rode,and played with us!!

The plan was this was most likely going to be last of the reunions, but the "brothers" talked and decided that due to the awesome turn out of this one, they would continue to hold the reunion every other year.

As a last post....

James and I really wanted to Thank, from the bottom of our hearts, Mom & Dad, Scott, Patti, Mike & Diane.
(Along with all the adult grand kids who were there)

You all helped plan this for the last year and helped carry it out.

It was at times...
exciting, stressful, frustrating, happy, fulfilling, heartbreaking, funny, sad...
and EVERY other emotion.

We all live such busy lives, we all work full time and have kids to take care of, financial pressures, along with the fact we all live so far away, that to plan a week out of our lives to dedicate to the family and helping Dad make this reunion something he could be proud of just fills our hearts with so much gratitude!

I could not possibly name all of the things that both of your families did to help...the number is too numerous...but here are just a few;

Scott and Patti;
You were awesome working out the menu among many other things, with James and Dad and getting the food. Scott, you and James did the majority of the cooking and making sure everyone had what they needed. Not to mention the sugar cookie craft... Everything was so yummy~

Mike and Diane;
You were amazing in helping wherever asked and helping to make sure the other family members had what they needed in the other camps and we loved the tie dye craft that you prepared. We all loved the shirts and pillowcases! Thanks for the shirts you so thoughtfully made for Mom and Dad.

I loved getting to know so much more of the extended family that James has talked about for years.
There was much laughter over old memories and some tears over people that are no longer with us.

There were some great rides, just like ol' times, where those who were able to go were able to bond a little more.
Riding seems to be such a strong link in this family and that is so heart warming to see that we can share our hobbies with family.

Everyone was SO GREAT to my kids, especially during the skits that Kassie loved to oversee and "direct".
She was so happy that all the other kids got excited to join her in them and all of the adults that smiled through them! THANK YOU :)
And THANKS to the awesome adults that got up and make us laugh with skits!

The only thing I would change, just a bit, would be the crafts.....

I did not realize just how many little kids would be there, so there were not enough of some of the crafts for everyone.
We had a bit of a hard time getting RSVPs from everyone, so I had to guess on how much to get...

There were a few of the kids that were not able to do all the crafts and it broke my heart that there could have possibly been someone with hurt sorry :(
Please know I would have changed that if I could have!

We are looking forward to the next time we are able to see everyone!
We Love You All :)

Just FYI:
I have posted ALL of the pics we took on FB, and there were ALOT...sometimes they are a little easier to view on there.
If we are not "friends" on FB please send me a request.
I have sent as many as I could find, so you are able to view them.
It will be great to keep in touch through there too!

Also...please feel free to check out our family blog @ we love blog stalkers!!

Monday, July 26, 2010

The time is HERE!!

The time we have all been waiting for is here!

After a few trips to the campground to get things cleared out we were able to start setting up trailers and getting things prepared today.

Still no water, that has not been fixed and may not be.
So...again, be prepared and bring plenty of fresh water.

If you know of anyone who as not been able to see the blog please pass along the web address
so they are able to see the schedule and know what is going on.
(I updated it slightly today with some changes)

We have listed as part of the activities, a skit or game each family can prepare for after dinner.
This is totally up to you, no pressure.
It can be as simple as a "get to know you game"
(That is what James and I will be doing)

or if your family has a fun skit they would like to share.

Austin/Dad (and we) is so very excited and look forward to seeing everyone!

Please feel free to call or post any questions you may still have.

Friday, July 23, 2010


We recently found out there is a possibility that the water at the site may not be working.
We will be going up early to try to get it worked out, but just in case please bring plenty of fresh water!

Can't wait to see everyone :)

Sunday, July 11, 2010

Directions to the Camp Site!!

Dad/Austin emailed the following directions to me today so I thought it would be a good idea to post them....

Those of you who are coming to the Munson Family Reunion in Beautiful IDAHO, the end of July.
Here are the directions on how to get to the Bear River RC&D Wilderness Camp.
If you are coming from Brigham City via Logan, Utah take Highway 91 to Logan, on to Preston, Idaho.
On the north end of Preston you will come to a Y in the road. The road going to the left is Highway 91 going to Pocatello, Idaho.
The road that turns to the right is Highway 34/36 going to Grace and Soda Springs, Idaho. Stay on this road for six (6) miles to Riverdale, you will come to a junction in the road after you cross a bridge over the Bear River.
(At this point if you look straight ahead following the Highway north, you will see a cut in the hill where the highway passes through and our house is silhouetted in this cut. We are high on the hill.)
Highway 36 turns to the right going toward Montpellier, Idaho. Take this road and follow it up Emigration canyon passing through Mink Creek for 21.5 miles.
The Camp turnoff will be to your right and has a sign identifying the Bear River RC&D Wilderness Camp. We will have additional information to let you know that this the right place to turnoff.

Those of you coming from Pocatello stay on the freeway 15 to Virginia (Just south of Arimo) and turn onto Highway 91 and follow it to Preston, Idaho.
When you come to Preston you will be on the north end of the City. This is the Y in the road and you will turn left onto Highway 34/36, heading toward Riverdale. Follow the directions as above.

Monday, July 5, 2010

Time Is Short - PLEASE contact us with final numbers ASAP!!

The time is almost upon us and we are so excited!

BUT...we desperately need a final number count on who will be there so we can plan accordingly for food and supplies!

You can either leave a comment here or email us at

Can't wait to hear from you!

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

~ Craft Projects ~ UPDATED 7/23/10

Mike and Diane are requesting that everyone bring a plain white pillowcase or T-Shirt for each person in their family. (They must be %100 cotton)
They are planning on doing a fun project with them :)

Scott and Patti will be doing a fun craft with sugar cookies...just show up, decorate and enjoy!

We..(James and Becky)decided against the marshmallow fight. We did not have a good enough count on how many would be there for it so it would have been really hard to get the right amount of supplies.
So...we will be putting together a variety of crafts to choose from! We think everyone should enjoy it!

There will also be a separate table for whoever would like to bring supplies for craft projects for the family to do. Anything is welcome. :)