Lavar & Thora Munson Family

Lavar & Thora Munson Family

JL Munson Family

JL Munson Family

Monday, July 26, 2010

The time is HERE!!

The time we have all been waiting for is here!

After a few trips to the campground to get things cleared out we were able to start setting up trailers and getting things prepared today.

Still no water, that has not been fixed and may not be.
So...again, be prepared and bring plenty of fresh water.

If you know of anyone who as not been able to see the blog please pass along the web address
so they are able to see the schedule and know what is going on.
(I updated it slightly today with some changes)

We have listed as part of the activities, a skit or game each family can prepare for after dinner.
This is totally up to you, no pressure.
It can be as simple as a "get to know you game"
(That is what James and I will be doing)

or if your family has a fun skit they would like to share.

Austin/Dad (and we) is so very excited and look forward to seeing everyone!

Please feel free to call or post any questions you may still have.

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