Lavar & Thora Munson Family

Lavar & Thora Munson Family

JL Munson Family

JL Munson Family

Sunday, February 7, 2010


I had the chance to visit with Toni this last weekend and she showed me some really cute layouts for the cookbook she is hoping to put together for the reunion.


We will not be able to see it work out if we do not hear from more of you.

Toni needs your recipes as soon as possible, the more the better!!
Thanks to those of you who have sent her some....send more!! :)

She also needs to know how many books you want.
The more we order, the cheaper they are as well.
If we do not Oder at least 100 books, they can be a bit pricey and not really worth all of her time putting it together.
I am going to order quite a few because they make GREAT gifts! is my PLEA....

PLEASE RESPOND either to the blog so we know you are aware...
or to her email.... or mine....

It really will be a great thing to take away with us from the reunion and would hate to see it not work we will be waiting for your comments!

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